A downloadable game for Windows

Game Development Roadmap: https://firgof.itch.io/gravekeeper-academy/devlog/105351/roadmap

Public GraveKeeper Academy Discord: https://discord.gg/VqP3vDj

Estimated Game Length of Current Download: Approx 2 hours.

Slip on the skeletal shoes of the Goddess of Natural Death, Decay, and Luck in this dark fantasy adventure game! 

* Note:  Not all scenes shown available in the current public build. More choices, text, art, and replacement backgrounds are coming soon!

The Goddess of Natural Death sits uneasy on her throne of bone: her powers have begun to rebel against her! If they continue to assert their independence, the very concept of Death in this world might cease to exist, leading to untold suffering. The solution? Go back to school!

As a student, disguised, in your own Academies seek out the source of the troubles within your Church and your Divine Soul to root out what ails them and return the world to a more sane and normal state -- before it becomes an eldritch nightmare!

Romance! Ruin! Re-endings?

  • a kinetic novel -- or at least that's what Fate wants it to be
  • multiple endings!
  • deep setting that revolves around the mysteries of a world where Spirits walk among Mortals and where Death is more a retirement from reality than a banishment
  • hand-drawn character art! (paper dolls for now, full character portraits later!)
  • an amazing, immersive, orchestral soundtrack

GraveKeepers Wanted! This is a work-in-progress game; the author would thoroughly enjoy your feedback and impressions of the work you experience! Please feel free to leave a comment!



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Version 11 Feb 17, 2020

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Fixed the Discord link up top! Sorry for the invalid link, y'all.