Chapter 1 is still in production!
Expect work-in-progress art and some placeholder descriptions!

Inspired by 999, Steins;Gate, and gothic horror.

A hand breaks out of the earth, dragging its mud-coated body out with it. She has no recollection of who she is. Join our shattered protagonist in their first semester as a Gravekeeper while a crazed murderer stalks your friends.

Destiny itself will conspire against you and try to lock you in to a fixed path; to break free, you'll have to dive deep -- not just into yourself, but into your allies and enemies alike.

Romance! Ruin! Re-endings?

  • a kinetic novel -- or at least that's what Fate wants it to be
  • multiple endings!
  • deep setting that revolves around Spirits and the Mortals who both bind and are bound to them
  • an amazing, immersive, orchestral soundtrack

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GraveKeepers Wanted! This is a work-in-progress game; the author would thoroughly enjoy your feedback and impressions of the work you experience! Please feel free to leave a comment and a five-star rating if you think others should experience it!


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This game is cool and clean. Interesting story and nice character development.

This game looks sick and the concept even sicker.🤘


Thanks! Let us know what you think of it if you give it a spin!


Will do.

Where can I download the game?

Apologies, it's currently down while I try and improve the first act. Haven't had the time to work on the project much lately, I'm afraid, so it's remained down for a bit.


I see... well then I wish you luck with the improvements! hope to be able to play soon :D

Good news, it's back up!

awesome! I'll download it right now :D

Thanks! Hope you enjoy it. If you do, make sure to rate it 5 stars as that's the only rating on which pushes a game up in the rankings.

And if you really like it and would like to see it expand and thrive, feel free to check out the game's patreon. A link is on the game's title screen and also here:

Fixed the Discord link up top! Sorry for the invalid link, y'all.