This is the official Roadmap for GraveKeeper Academy. As elements of the game are finalized or completed, this Roadmap will be updated.

Chapter headers are not Official until their in-game section has been completed. Sub-chapters will not necessarily be displayed in-game and are more of a mental marker for the developer to keep things organized in their head.

The Bolded and Italicized Chapter and Sub-chapter indicate where the author is currently on the path to completing the Novel. Parts that have been struck through are not available in the current build of the game.

  • Series One :: Kinetic Route
    • Prologue
    • Chapter 1: So You Have Mortality
      • SC: Fallen Goddess
      • SC: Voshim Goes to Aeston
      • SC: That One with the Bxxxx
      • SC: Be Careful What You Wish For
    • Chapter 2: The Fear of God(dess) In Them
      • SC: Ordered Apologies
      • SC: Just How Broken Is That Talent
      • SC: Mother
        • -> Path: Omega
        • Omega SC: Aftermath
        • Omega SC: Protege
        • Omega SC: Confrontation
        • Omega SC: The End?
      • SC: The Sword of Damacles
    • Chapter 3: How to Train your Goddess
      • SC: Calming the Storm
      • SC: Meeting of the Mines
      • SC: Critical Role
      • SC: Ready ... Fight!
    • Chapter 4: A Darker Night for Souls
      • SC: Mi-stake and Grave-y
      • SC: You Saw Nothing!
      • SC: See no Evil, Speak no Evil
    • Chapter 5: Hail, Triumphant (Anti)Hero
      • SC: Heel-turn Villain
      • SC: Quest for the Holy Gale
      • SC: Lost in Time and Lace
      • SC: Lost in Time and Lace (Pt. 2: Electric Boo)
      • SC: Sharper
    • Chapter 6: 10 Pound Solution, 1 Pound Bag
      • SC: (Prayers) Down
      • SC: (Final) Stand
      • SC: Sign (Your Name)
      • SC: (Do Not) Bow
      • ???
  • Series Two :: Prayer Answered (xxxxx Route)
  • Series Three :: The Last Cry (xxxxx Route)

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