✦ \(‾▿‾\) New Build on Monday! (/‾▿‾)/ ✦

Sound the horns: A new build of GraveKeeper Academy will be dropping on Monday!

Here's what you can expect to be in it.

(not quite final) Changelog:


- Tutorial Images and (most of) the Tutorial

- New Songs

- New Backgrounds (Emilia's Apartment, Akoda's Room, Academy Baths, Academy Hallways 1)

- New Character Art (Gizi has been fully layered and all characters except Adversity have their full art now; unfortunately for everyone except Gizi that does mean most of the characters have lost their facial expressions until the next build)

- New Choices (Mostly in the beginning)

- New Introduction (a retake on the old one with a little more expansion on the setting's background and a little less on fateweaving)

- Narrator-specific and Character-specific printers


- Title Screen music (Courtesy: memoraphile)

- Updated to latest version of NaniNovel

- Various grammatical, spelling, and pacing fixes

- Number of Save Slots has been expanded to 50


- Fadeouts on stopBGM commands were improperly labeled, making them cut off immediately. They now fade properly as they should.

- Some In-Game Menu settings that caused mismatched behavior when accessing it through Settings Button and then closing it with Escape.

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