Cleaning out the Coffers!

GKA is getting a big polish and content pass, and that goes for my vision and launch schedules too!

So here's what's happening in brief:

  • GKA will be coming out in multiple parts, each containing a large portion of the story. Saves will be compatible between versions and each new version will include the prior chapter's content. In other words, it's a 'snowball' approach.
  • The first episode of GKA will be called 'Burial Shroud' and will cover the events from Chapter 1 to Chapter 3 of the game.
  • I'm releasing the work in progress version to gather feedback on the new character designs and style of backgrounds/art.
  • Samples of the new art style and CGs are included with this devlog!
  • New version will be coming 'very soon'. No exact schedule just yet but I'm estimating between 1 and 3 weeks.
  • This new version, if you've played the previous version, will cover mostly the same events -- but from a fresh perspective.
  • Lots of new, awesome, music for the game which really enriches the experience.
  • Completely redesigned UI
  • Rebuilt-from-the-ground-up project to put the game on the latest version of Unity's 2020 LTS and the latest version of NaniNovel.
  • The NSFW content is being scoped out for time. If there's demand, I might do a 'fandisk' which puts it back in at a later time once the story's complete.
  • Branching dialogues are in the game now and you can do deep dives when you want to with the game's upcoming 'Grimcyclopedia'.
  • Bran's huge now!

And that's about it! More details and all of that are coming. Follow me for updates on the game as work's done on it!

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