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With a murderous fiend on the loose, their sights set on those who you're closest to, managing your relationships with the cast will be key to not just breaking free from the chains of fate but also everyone's survival! Until now, however, those changes have been invisible and difficult to discern. No longer!

This is the AFMP Relationship Analysis Panel! You can access it any time you're playing and it will show you your present standing with the various members of the Aeston Grandtomb's Academy. It also shows you who you've gone close enough to Bind and who is presently alive or deceased.

Additionally, coming in with this UI upgrade are a number of new choices, a related subsystem, and new pieces of dialogue. The subsystem is tied in to the notification system and will automatically display whenever your relationship has changed enough with another member of the Grandtomb that you're in a new 'Standing'. Standings are also listed on the AFMP in violet text for your at-a-glance reference.

I've also taken the time to do another art-pass on the Settings UI and it's looking much nicer now.

Beyond these additions, though they won't be publicly accessible yet, I've begun to go beyond the present end of Part One and flesh out the continuing story of our protagonist within the Grandtomb. It's all mostly text at the moment, but is being pulled in from the full novel outline and prior version's script as I weave in the new systems into that script.


You can see about where I am now versus what's left in Part One, though this is the major route graph and doesn't show all the movement within the blocks.

Let me show you what I mean. The block to the right of the end of the Demo Area is where I'm currently working and it looks like this if you zoom into it:

New version will be coming out which brings us to the end of Part One soon as I've got its skeleton up and running, then it'll be a lot of polishwork on Part One and, once it's done, that'll bring us to ๐Ÿ’ฅKickStarter๐Ÿ’ฅ I'm hoping. I'm expecting it'll take me until around January-February to be completely done with Part One's major polish.

Until then, feel free to check the game out, leave your ratings, and if you really believe in the project: to hit it up on Patreon! Every dollar y'all put forward to this project will be spent specifically on this project, from raising the quality on the CGs to potentially paying for Voice Acting and Console/Mobile Publishing.

Thanks, one and all, for continuing to believe in this production and feel free to join me on Discord!
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