Another set of CGs replaced!

Looking forward to that Kickstarter so I can hopefully hire somebody to do better hands in some of these CGs haha!

With this set of CGs done, I did a tally on the remaining CG work I need to do. Technically each of the Gizi's Explanation panes counts as its own CG, but I'll only count it as one for simplicity as the drawings inside the scroll will remain unchanged. So, drumroll please...

Updated CGs: 20
Remaining CGs: 20

Tada! That's right, I'm finally at the halfway point for giving a final look to all the CGs in this section of Part One. The big 50%!

That number may also seem large but many of the CGs are actually a major 'look' and then minor variants such as the above scene where Gizi pokes you to help you figure out how 'your' Prana works.

That means we're finally coming in on the home stretch.
Thanks, again, for all your support! Each play of the game, each download, and each rating, comment, and payment really helps me out.

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