Hell-o-ween Hotfix out!

The Helloween hotfix is deployed!



  • Expression set for Bran
  • Expression set for Silvia


  • A few script tidyings here and there throughout the 'pre-scar' events. Some sections were pruned a little for pacing.
  • Some internal tracking stuffs for variables
  • Project's Naninovel version has been updated
  • Removed talking blips from the Ghost's dialogues
  • The script has been updated to take advantage of Bran and Silvia's new expression sets.
  • A few backgrounds were set up incorrectly; this has been resolved and they now take up the full screen properly.
  • Reduced the volume of the initial roar during the 'scar' incident.


  • Talk blips from Ghost's dialogue could cause the game to hang on some platforms. The blips have been temporarily disabled while this is further investigated.


GKA_HelloweenWeb.zip Play in browser
Oct 10, 2021
GKA_Helloween.zip 260 MB
Oct 10, 2021

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