Downtime Mechanics! (also ?)

I'm feeling pretty confident about adding Downtime mechanics to the game. These would be sections where I loosen up and allow the player some time to choose who they're hanging out with, what they're doing, and either whether they prepare for or ignore upcoming exams. A preview of the system running in engine is below.

It's still a work-in-progress and I'm more or less laying out the foundations. What would your dream 'Downtime mechanics' be for this Visual Novel? Let me hear you in the comments!

I do apologize for the lull in updates; I'm presently filing for bankruptcy and that's taking up a lot of my mental energy and time. More updates soon!

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I hope you're doing alright!

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Thank you for the reachout! I'm not doing great financially at the moment and I've got a fairly hefty amount of pain and expenses to take care of, but I'm hoping to get out a quick game to help me with both of those in the meantime (Unfathomed: Stygian Abyss) and use its proceeds to restart my work on both this project and To Ash and Ember.

Good to hear!