Version 0.02a

v 0.2a

[Desolation in Darkness]

New Features:
 - Cutscene System
 - Torch System
 - Death
 - 2 New Events*
 - Special Room: Corpse-filled Room
 - Introduction sequence inspired by the original Verge
 - Dungeon selects from a tileset when populating certain rooms, making them more visually interesting
 - Some Decorations including water that drips from the ceiling in certain areas

 - Entire backend for Item Handling replaced
 - Starting Health increased (temporarily) due to Hunger processing quirks

Known Issues
 - ROX can sometimes spawn on the left side of the screen
 - Glowform does not properly self-engage. "F" has been implemented as a temporary workaround.
 - Mild mixing issues for BGM/BGS in the introductory cutscene.
 - SFX is a little too loud in the Post-Mortem screen.

 - Quit Button is not functional
 - Settings Button is not functional
 - Region Turns do not properly reset, causing some introductory messages to not play if this is not your first time playing.
 - Volume on certain tracks can clip during play
 - Light does not start 'OFF' when arriving in the corpse-filled room
 - UVs on the corpse-mounds are currently incorrect, leading to very stretched textures
 - Current Objective Notifier does not properly function
 - Stats screen is placeholder
 - System Button while in-game doesn't do anything

 - Observe, Talk, Run buttons in Combat do not do anything.

- Some text in buttons during cutscenes may break out of the button's bounds. 

- No onscreen tutorial for introduction sequence in dungeon crawler sections. (WASD moves, Q/E rotates)

- Bandages and Mushroom Soup can be crafted but the Interaction step in the inventory pack doesn't appear to be functioning reliably.

- Smallshrine Event infinitely references itself and can't be escaped. The only remedy for this bug at this time is closing the application through Alt+F4.

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Version 1 Jul 30, 2019

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