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A Roguelite Choose-your-own-Adventure Horror RPG Hybrid inspired by early 90s Dungeon Crawlers.

! Note: This product is currently in heavy development but is presently suspended. Please expect all manner of bugs, errors, and so on. Please also report anything that's not marked a "Known Issue" in the latest Devlog.

~ Recommendation: Best with the Itch.io App (available here: https://itch.io/app ) because it'll automatically update the game as updates are pushed out -- which should be pretty frequently.

Suggestions welcome, please use the community boards for the title.


F - Force your 'torch' on or off

WASD - Forward/Back and Left/Right Strafe

Q/E - Turn Left and Turn Right

F1 - Inventory

F2 - Stats (Placeholder for now)

F4 - Ingame Menu (Placeholder for now)

[Camp] Allows you to create new items, improve your home room, research foes you've so far encountered and so on. Only partly implemented at this time.


verge-windows-beta.zip 91 MB
Version 6 Oct 21, 2019

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