Version 0.03a


  • Added Settings Menu
  • Added Stats Panel
  • Added new Hallway (White Tree) and revamped Shrine
  • Added Tooltips to items and various menu buttons.
  • Settings are saved to disk and loaded from disk on start.
  • Items can now be used by clocking on them, if they have an Effect.
  • Cause of Death has been implemented along with a path back to Main Menu.
  • An in-game Main Menu has been added.


  • Recipes can now cause instant effects
  • New ~ A e s t h e t i c ~ look for in-game view, making it look more like a 90s game.
  • Changed Main Menu BGM (you're enjoying it presently)
  • Observe is no longer guaranteed to unveil more about your Enemy. Instead, there is a random chance based on the type of the Enemy you will discover more about it.
  • Both You and The Enemy can now successfully Flee; there is a random chance for success based on the difference in Speed between you. Note: If either are successful, no rewards will be gained for that Combat.
  • You now gain DR when you Observe an Enemy for a certain length of time. You gain an additional DR if you fully understand your Foe.
  • Talk now provides a textual result; currently, however, it still does very little.
  • When either You or The Enemy is in a Compromised state (Talk/Flee), that party will take extra damage. The chance for extra damage persists until You or The Enemy take another Action.
  • Mushrooms are no longer automatically used to satisfy Hunger. Instead, Mushroom Soup will be automatically used if it's available. Additionally, only Mushroom Soup will regenerate your Health upon consumption.
  • Starvation only deals damage now; it no longer reduces maximum Health.
  • Rather than displaying in text format, stats are now displayed in a graphical segmented-bar format
  • In-game Changelog has been made more fancy; includes last 10 Changelogs.
  • All Items now have icons, though some are less... good than others. Apologies.

Known Issues

  • UVs on the corpse-mounds are currently incorrect, leading to very stretched textures
  • Current Objective Notifier does not properly function
  • Stats screen is placeholder
  • Settings screen doesn't properly fit inside its windows
  • Sound adjustments apply to UI SFX only whenever you open the Settings Window and navigate to the Sound tab

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